Geshcast Gaming Podcast Episode 7 - Makin' Hay

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  • Year: 2011

Geshcast Episode 7 has arrived, full of gregarious Glaswegian gaming gab.

In this bumper sized episode:

The first of our 'exclusive interview' series, where we speak to acclaimed author Steve Niles about his involvement with the upcoming title F.3.A.R, as well as his other endeavours.

The breaking news of the Nintendo 3DS and Sony PSP NGP have us in convolutions of joy, so we discuss the merits and details of each machine.

We also delve into the mailbag to answer a few listener questions, with our usual foul mouths.

Games discussed:

Metroid: Other M
Heavy Rain

If that isn't enough, we have the return of fellow Geshketeer Kris for the latter section of the show. Fans rejoice!

Also - listen out for the amazingly cheesy background music, which sounds like it was lifted right out of Gran Turismo 5.

Runtime: 1hr 48mins 59secs

Twitter: @geshcast