Geshcast Gaming Podcast Episode 8 - Gamecubes and Goblins

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  • Song Name: Gesh 8 Gamecubes and d20s
  • Artist: Team Gesh
  • Album: gesh
  • Year: 2011

Geshcast Episode 8 joins your party, he is an Elf Mage.

In this months podcast Phill and Gav discuss the secrets of yesteryear in a new segment named, imaginatively, Consoles of the Past!, we big up the "Gaming News" from the last month and skirt around the very real issue of whether or not getting into D&D is a step too far.

This Podcast contains Swearing and coughing.

Games Discussed:
Dead Space 2
Fead Space Extraction
Dark Souls
Halo Reach
and a lot of iOS titles

all music is used without permisson, sozburgers
8 Bit Weezer Compilation
Lil Wayne
and Billie Piper
All Outstanding