Geshcast Gaming Podcast - Episode 11 – Super Talented

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  • Song Name: Geshcast Gaming Podcast - Episode 11 – Super Talented
  • Artist: Team Gesh
  • Year: 2011

As they draw ever closer to the first birthday of Geshcast Gaming Podcast, Team GESH continue in their quest to discuss the latest goings on in the gaming industry.

This episode contains many interesting facts about the number 11, as well as the finest pirate-based jokes you’re likely to hear on a gaming podcast this month. Gav attempts to raise Phill’s morale, with mixed results; and Phil gets so angry that people are put in danger.

Discussed in this episode:

Brink – Playstation 3

Beyond Good & Evil HD – Xbox 360

Outland – Xbox 360

Portal 2 – Playstation 3

StarHawk – Playstation 3

The Lego franchise

L.A. Noire

Nintendo 3DS

Runtime: 49mins 19 seconds

Team Gesh