Geshcast Gaming Podcast Episode 12 – L.A. Noire Speciale

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  • Song Name: Geshcast Gaming Podcast - Episode 12: L.A. Noire Speciale
  • Artist: Team Gesh
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  • Year: 2011

Team Gesh return with another round of gaming chat, this time focusing almost exclusively on the Team Bondi/Rockstar sensation L.A. Noire. Find out what made the title such a sensation, and what could have been handled with more finesse.

Further discussion arises as a Gesh hero passes away, and a potential young hero enters the public domain.

Phill tests Gav’s powers of deduction with an audio quiz, and Gav breaks out his very first edition of ‘Second Life’ – giving our listeners a chance to win the very first Geshketeer Fun Pack.

Runtime: 39mins 24 Seconds
Team Gesh – Gav & Phil