Geshcast 28: A New Challenger Approaches!!!

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  • Song Name: Geshcast 28: A New Challenger Approaches!!!
  • Artist: Team Gesh
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  • Year: 2012

Gav and Phill take an in depth look into February's offerings including

The Darkness 2
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
Asura's Wrath
The Metal Gear Solid HD remakes
The Sega Dreamcast collection and Bridge it! on Onlive
Gotham City Imposters
Shank 2
we then catch up on some older titles which are now cheap enough to care about

We mull over the months gaming news including
The Playstation Vita Launch
Kickstarter Kerfuffles
Skyrim Mods

A raven brings exciting news for the Earth 2 Geshcast counterparts and our podcast family gets a little bigger.

We reveal the winner of our previous competition with Insert Coin T shirts
and kick off a new competition brought to you from our pals at Onlive

Thanks to The Recovery for the use of "Of Men... With Beards and Knives"
Twitter - @therecoveryband

and to Youtube user Digitapp for "Videogame of Thrones"

Run Time: 1hour 16 mins approx
Team Gesh: Gav, Phill and XXXXX