Geshcast 50 - Time To Say Guidbye

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  • Song Name: Geshcast Gaming Podcast - Episode 50 - Time To Say Guidbye
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  • Year: 2013

So it's come to this. Three years and fifty episodes after the formation of Team GESH, we've reached the end of Geshcast Gaming Podcast. A sad moment for everyone. Y'know, except us.

A bit of a different episode this time, with some special 'fun' moments! Personal interaction reaches dizzying heights. Fan favourite Gerry McGuire speaks LIVE on a number of topics, spewing his vile rhetoric to our impressionable audience.

This episode:

Personal interaction like you wouldn't believe

10:00 - Gav renounces console gaming/iMac discussion

25:00 - Phill presents 'WHO AM I?' - Gav vs. Gerry

30:00 - What we've been playing - The Walking Dead: 400 Days, Gerry's Bullshit Roundup

37:00 - Phill reviews Passion Of The Christ and Titanic, and I wish that was a joke

47:00 - Pikmin 3 impressions - and nothing else

48:00 - Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons - Gav greets about this daft game

53:00 - Phill went to see Teh Wolverinez - what did he think? Also Pacific Rim gets a mention.

57:00 - Second game! NAME THAT GAME with Gav! Phill vs. Gerry

01:05:00 - Desert Island Proprietary Disc Formats - Team Gesh choose a console from this current generation and 3 games, for a life of solitude and misery on a desert island.

01:28:00 - GESH MAILBAG! The final chance for you dullards to get your name read out on a podcast. Did your name get mentioned? Eh?

01:48:00 - GESHCAST HALL OF FAME - Who will be next to receive the highest honour that Geshcast can bestow?

Thanks to everyone for listening, downloading and whatnot. Don't forget to never grow old and never die. Viva La Raza.

Runtime: 1hr: 51m

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Team Gesh: Gav, Phill and Gerry.