Geshcast Gaming Podcast Episode 61 - Handhe3ld - E3 Bumper Special

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  • Year: 2015

Come on boys and girls, come a litter closer; we’re Geshcast!

Phew, we made it, eh? Just at the end of the week. NOBODY can say this isn’t a weekly show. Still Ron Weekly (Weasley).

Would you believe that we're going to talk about the handheld games we’re playing at the moment? Listen as Phill cannot believe that someone intentionally spent money on a Dr. Mario game. We discuss Final Fantasy XIII too - if that's your thing.

Also we kinda just let the mic run as we talked about E3. A big daft unstructured chat about what caught our eye. We also try our best to remain positive in the face of sheer annoyance.

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We're serious - don't even try to say we aren't Ron Weekly.